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“We’re currently in therapy for Anxiety” kind of says it all. I think you need to read more here. You have anxiety and you are pulling your child in.

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Emily says

No, I took that literally, to mean that Amanda and her son attended therapy sessions together. It could still be for the son’s benefit, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Amanda has anxiety, but maybe the therapist thinks it’s best to see Amanda and her son together, so that Amanda can reinforce the work being done in therapy, at home.

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Thank-you! In the education realm, I hear a lot about “Everyone is gifted”. No, being labeled as gifted is a very big deal with its own process and it’s not all sparkles and sunshine.


common sense says

I love her story. if more parents felt this way we would have much less anxiety and depression among young children. there is absolutely no reason to schedule and micromanage every moment of their days, while at the same time telling them they are unable to plan their time because they’ll “waste it”. the result are hordes of kids who are afraid they’ll fail to live up to what is expected[excellence, nothing less] and at the same time can not imagine not being told what to do every moment. you try living like this. it’s not the same has holding a job and cooking and cleaning etc. you get to make decisions about when and how, the kids don’t.

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Theresa says

I’m sure he’ll find something he loves by the time he is grown. Whether he become the next sports star or some other kind of star is anyone guess. Maybe he grow up to be a ordinary but nothing special guy or maybe he go down in history. You can never say what the future holds. In the meantime just love him and help him with any interest.


It makes me think of the B equals Failing issue that is all too often seen in education. No, a B is a very acceptable and respectable grade. No, it does not your kid has special needs (by itself, of course)


Alanna Mozzer says

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